My mine is totally blank this morning.

I have been trying to write a post for 2 hours, but hubby had such a bad evening last night, that my mind, and fingers don’t work together. Also my laptop had no power left in it, and went black on me. It took 20 minutes to reboot it.

The aide hasn’t phoned yet today, and I have hubby in his dressing gown waiting to be showered. He wants to do it, and is not happy that we can’t shower him now. The social worker should be here in around 50 minutes, so I had better get dressed.

Usually I would be doing my favorite class right now, CxWORKx /Core but don’t have the energy to even think about it.

I will write a more cheerful post later.


  1. Your exhausted Susie. He may need to be in a care facility. I know I could never do something like this all by myself. They have staff 24/7 to care for them. I worry about you both. Praying for you both! 🙏❤️

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