711ONLINESTORE Women’s Solid Color V-Neck Sleeveless Asymmetric Hem Pleated Mini Dress

I had never thought of getting clothing from Walmart.com, but was really pleased when this dress arrived. It is lightweight for the Florida summer, has an elastic waist which allows it to go over the head, and no tight band around the waist.

I also love the V neck, and the asymmetric hemline. I ordered the small, and it fits perfectly.

I used my new iPhone to do the photos, and I used it on the tripod exactly as I used my Samsung S9. I then compressed it with the app I have been using for years. They are upside down. I haven’t written a post today, and I am really tired. Therefore I am leaving it this way, and hoping that you will turn your phone, laptop, tablet, iPad upside down to see how pretty it is.



  1. hmmm. I never have to compress mine. Are you talking a zip file? That’s usually the case if you send a bunch with email. I have had one or two flip the wrong way with Word Press (but not upside down). I think I was uploading them directly from my phone to the WP ap, I’m sure you’ll figure it out. I don’t think it’s an iphone thing. By the way, when you send through Messenger it automatically compresses so you don’t have to use an Ap to do it. If you continue to have problems give it a try.

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  2. You are looking wonderful dear Susie. You make me want to go back to the gym. Been lazy since I left the Army. You are a amazing woman. I hope all things are okay and stay safe.

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