.We rarely see cats

In our community only indoor cats are allowed. When our last 2 cats died within 3 months of each other, that was the time to say no more. I do miss having them, but especially now, it wouldn’t be safe to have one.

Last night I was looking out the kitchen window, and saw this beautiful cat washing itself. I took the photos between the blinds on the highest zoom, as I didn’t want to disturb it.

I hope it decides to come back again. It put a smile on both of our faces.


  1. I’ve seen many an alley cat. But I’ve never seen one with such unusual markings as your new neighborhood visitor. Very pretty.
    She looks well-fed so I’m thinking she must belong to someone.

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  2. Goodness, that’s interesting that only indoor cats are allowed. Must have been lovely to see one. We have a fair few cats in the locality here.

    Ps. Somehow I had unfollowed your blog. Guessing it’s another WP anomaly. I wondered why I hadn’t seen your posts in my reader! Now following again.🙂

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