Are you dealing with Sundowners

You may not have heard of Sundowners, but a caregiver will certainly know what it is.

It happens to people with dementia/Alzheimers. It happens when the sun starts, or goes down.

I have have seen all the symptons, but lately it has been seeing people that are not there, thinking that we are upstairs, someone is dancing downstair, and music is playing. We live in a bungalow/condo. Anxiety shows it’s ugly face, and restlessness too. We are not in our own home, we need to go home. The list just goes on.

Time passes, and then we go back to the ‘new normal’.



  1. The phases of this brain disorder change and progress. Sometimes it is better. My mother in law was aggressive in one phase of her Alzheimer’s journey but then she turned into a pussycat. When she finally went into a care home, all the staff loved her. She greeted me with such a warm smile after my long transatlantic flights to visit her although I am not sure if she remembered me.

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  2. God bless you for what you are doing. I know it is difficult. I pray He gives you strength to care for hubby and yourself and wisdom to make the decisions that are best for you both.

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  3. My Dad had dementia with sundowners. Dementia progressed over 5 yrs. The last 3 yrs we had 24 hour in home care. Went through many stages & behaviors. My heart goes out to you both. ๐Ÿ’•๐ŸŒท


  4. Oh, I completely understand. Father in law wanted the same and did a marvelous job until he could no longer manage since he was over 90 years old. They both went into the same care home and seemed much more relaxed.

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