Smoked Atlantic Salmon and cream cheese croissant.

This is one of my favorite lunches. I get the fresh croissant from the Winn Dixie bakery, and this particular salmon was from Aldi. I only get to go to Aldi once every couple of months, so buy several packs. If I run out I do sometimes get it at Winn Dixie at a much higher price.

I was going to have a Hot Cross Bun afterwards, but they were sold out. Last year I had the same trouble trying to get them. It took me atempts on 3 consecutive days. Hopefully I can try again tomorrow, as it is less than a mile from home.



  1. I’m never sure about Aldi’s or Lidl’s on certain items like smoked Salmon…I might give it a go since you recommended it.
    A little food treat helps the ‘sundowners’ issues to fade for at least a little bit.

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