Today had to be an easy day.

Not only were the 2 drinks tipped over, and the fall yesterday, but hubby decided to get up at 6 a.m., and knock a third drink over. He put all the lights on in the house, and started moving around. I tried to cover my eyes, but the light, and the noise meant I had to get up. This was after such a stressful day yesterday.

I made oatmeal, or porridge as hubby calls it for breakfast with raisins in it. Lunch time was easy, as you can see in my last post.

I had bought a bag of the large already cooked shrimp, and figured we would have them at dinnertime. Hubby can’t eat salad, and also doesn’t like it. Crackers don’t work for him, but a soft croissant he will never refuse. So it’s been 2 lots of fish/shellfish for me today. Made a lovely change.

Also this afternoon I finished putting the screws in the second patio chair, and have tightened all the screws in the first one. Some weren’t exactly aligned so I took either the 2 or the 3 out, and made sure that I had the holes opposite each other. I just have to check the other chair, and then do the small table. Very proud of myself as this is something I have never done before. There is a lot of learning going on for me right now, and I will be a Jack of all trades, and Master of none.


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