Having a new air conditioning unit today.

Last year we had to have our air handler in the loft replaced, and got one to match our a/c unit. When we moved here just over 5 years ago, the a/c wasn’t working so the guy we use suggested a very good one that he had on hand. As it wasn’t new, I figured if I have the new handler, wouldn’t it be sensible to have a new unit too.

I contacted him a while ago as we have been using him for 21 years. Surprisingly he was extremely busy. I told him no hurry, so he is coming this morning. Yes, on a Sunday! When you are working for yourself the day or time, doesn’t really matter. He has been still working in the dark, with a light on his hat, to complete a job.

I did set the alarm but needn’t have bothered, as hubby never came to bed. At 3.15 a.m. he came in dressed. Then at 7.30 was up. It’s now just after 9, and I have got everything done for him. It’s taking over an hour now, because he can’t help as much. Time to have a second cup of coffee, and have a few minutes me time, before starting the laundry.

Photo: Pixabay


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