Hubby is resting.

The bed, and oxygen came tonight. As the nurse, and the aide both found it impossible to lift him on their own, and even struggled with my help, I was told to call for the firefighters to lift him from his chair to the hospital bed.

Hubby had had morphine at 4.30 from the nurse, and it was to be administered every 6 hours if needed. She did tell me that if he was stressing out/anxious to call and ask if I could give another dose prior to the time given.

You wouldn’t have wanted to see hubby’s face when the guy was bringing the bed in, and putting it together. He was grinding his teeth, giving him the evil eye, and getting really distressed. I called Hospice while he was finish up, and was told to go ahead, and give him another dose. I then got another call from them shortly after, saying that the doctor has now made the order every 3 hours as needed.

I called the Assist and Lift number, and they sent 3 firefighters out, and lifted hubby up, and onto the bed, making sure his head was near the top. I thanked them, and saw them out the door, turned around only to see hubby who wouldn’t move for anyone today, push downwards, and slid his feet out of the bed. Only half rails tonight, they will change them to full rails tomorrow. I did my best to get him back into bed, but now he is not central, not up high enough, and his feet are touching the bottom of the bed.

I have tried to get him to use the oxygen, but he flings his arms out, and caught me the first time. Four attempts and no joy. So I am going to bed, hopefully get some sleep tonight, and will phone Hospice in the morning, as I know he will fight me to the end, not to have the oxygen up his nostrils.


  1. My late husband was always sliding down to the end of the hospital bed, even with the middle part raised to keep his knees up! He had lots of pillows that made him more comfortable. Hope you managed to get some sleep.

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  2. My emotions are all over the place, as you would know. I have increased my meds as I have had the option to take more if necessary, and right now it is necessary. Bodily I am strong. Yesterday I pretty much did most of the lifting as I had an aide that was at least 50 lbs heavier than me, and couldn’t get him up to wash his bottom. I held him while she did it. The only one that didn’t give 110%

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  3. I can’t even begin to imagine what you’re going through 🧡 You are so incredibly strong and we’re all here for you to talk to.


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