A good day today.

Hubby continues to sleep, it’s been 24 hours now, and he is comfortable with the medication Hospice has provided. I had the same nurse as yesterday, all morning, and she is amazing.

After Hospice refusing to let the volunteer come today, so that I could have my second vaccine, she phoned them, and told them that if they didn’t authorize it, she would come as a friend, as I don’t have anyone else. They called back, and said she was coming.

She came as the nurse was leaving. So I drove to the Mall knowing it could take forever. Today I am pleased to say that the time was 30 minutes less, around 1 hour 15 minutes. As Panera Bread on the perimeter road, I got a takeout coffee, and blueberry scone.

I only had an hour and a half, and my dear friend, who works in a nursing home came by. She stayed with hubby while I drove the mile each way to get his medication. It was lovely having her here for an hour or so.

Then I had my daughter phone through the iPhone Facetime link, and tell hubby it was time for him to go, as she, her husband, and granddaughters would look out for me. He won’t know they are in England, but it helps to let him go. I then had his daughter, here in America do the same thing.

So it was 7 p.m. before I realized what the time was. He was getting a little restless, so I gave him some morphine. I am taking care of myself. Made enough oatmeal this morning for the week, can’t get out of the habit, had my scone warm with real butter (don’t normally) for lunch, and a whole vine ripe tomato diced up with cottage cheese tonight. I made hubby fresh strawberries in jelly (jello), and as he hasn’t taken anything my mouth since 5 p.m. yesterday, I will have that for my snack.

I will update you all tomorrow.



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