My mental and psychological pain took away the pain from my Covid vaccine shot.

I forgot all about having had my second Moderna vaccine yesterday. The first one made me lethargic the rest of the day, and the following one. Because of hubby I haven’t even thought about the second one, so the pain is felt where it is needed the most, and not in my arm, or body.

Hubby was chatty and happy with me on and off for a couple of hours last night, then got really agitated. I gave him morphine at 7. It didn’t seem to kick in so I crushed 2 lorazepam in a little water, and filled the syringe with it at 9. By 11 he had got a leg out of bed. and I was worried about his catheter. I phoned Hospice as I could have been up all night. I was able to give him a dose of both. I started to try and sleep next to him on the reclining sofa but got up at 1, and went to bed. I can see him, as we angled the bed towards the main bedroom door. I have been awake since 5.30, and he is sleeping and really calm.

Something nice to finish with. When we were chatting I was sitting on the bed, stroking his face, and hair, and I kissed him on the lips, and he kissed me back.



  1. I remember the conversations my Mother and I had as she went through her Hospice time before transitioning. But the one thing that will stick with me is my Mom saying I Love You sharon. Before that night she had never spoken those three words to me. That moment with your husband will stick with you like that. I pray strength and peace for you.


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