Finally the hospital bed, rails, and oxygen are going.

You would be so proud of me. Yes, I am a strong woman except…… every time I passed that bed.

Now I can move my furniture back, and it looks like home. Not the home it used to be, but the memories will help.

I did my first exercise today. This was my 30 minutes of boxing with my trainer, only a couple of others there, so managed it.

My trainer said that he certainly felt my right hook,

Tiny steps that will start to grow.

Old photo. You wouldn’t want to see me right now.


  1. Tough exterior with a soft interior is nothing to be ashamed of Susie. You are one dedicated, determined woman. Good on you for getting on with life, while treasuring the memories. Stay well and stay strong. Allan

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  2. Well done. Women are strong, mentally as well. I am seven months a widow today – what can we do but keep going. Blogging, writing, gardening, walking and in lockdown neighbours, phone calls and Facetime with family all help.


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