I didn’t watch any television on Wednesday and not until 9 p.m. on Thursday.

Only to find that my 3 year old Smart television wouldn’t come on. I had been clearing a lot of cables, boxes etc., that hubby had had between his electric recliner, and another one. I thought perhaps I had loosened something.

I went from the wall sockets to the television, and everything was in, and tight. I then dialed Spectrum, our cable/Internet/phone company. I got the automated response, and after 15 minutes, of it being rebooted whether I wanted it or not, I finally got a person. He asked me about the cables, so I explained. He then had me do several combinations on the remote, pull out the plug for 2 minutes, and nothing worked.

I told him that I had just lost my husband, and although I don’t watch television I do like it on for the news. He checked for cancelations, and found one for 8 to 9 a.m. yesterday morning. I set the alarm but was up before 7, and everything done by 8 a.m. I waited until 9.20, and decided to phone them. Again, I got that stupid lady, and wasted forever only to find it was down for Saturday (today). I said that I was not at all happy. I was told that someone from the scheduling department would follow up. I specified that they must phone on my cellphone as I would be out of the house for 40-45 minutes.

I came home only to find that they had called on the house phone, and said that this is the only call we will make, and this number does not accept incoming calls. I was so annoyed.

I spoke to my best friend, and was telling her about this. She said I have my son here and he mends televisions. He offered to come over. He was here around 2 – 2 and a half hours. We got sound, but no picture, so the set was working, but the picture had gone. I said I have a warranty on it, but not sure if it is still valid. I checked my order on Amazon, and it was 3 years ago. I then checked and found the warranty for 4 years, that I had only paid $25 for. He told me to tell them my situation, and say to send packaging, and a prepaid label, and he and his brother would come over, pack it up, and take it to whatever delivery service they had the label for. I thanked him, and he left.

I phoned the 1-800 number, got an operator that put me to the correct department. It stated that you had to start a claim online, so I explained that after my husband passed the television went as well. I said that as I am on my own, I didn’t want anyone in the house to try and fix it, or have to get it off the wall, and take it somewhere. I did have someone who would pack it up for me if they sent the materials. She wanted the model number, which I found on my order, but the serial number on the back of the television was impossible as it is attached to the wall. She had me on hold several times to obtain what she needed.

It took almost an hour, and she came on and said that because of my circumstances they would be issuing a cheque a.s.a.p. for $100 less than I had paid for it. That is exactly what the 55 inch same smart television costs now. It will be in my name, as I ordered it on my account. An email would arrive shortly. They told me to dispose of the old television.

I told her she had gone beyond my wildest expectations, and said that I wanted to contact her Supervisor. She got him on the line, and I told him that she was incredible, and what an amazing company they were. I had never had such a good experience as this before. If there was a C.E.O. I wanted it to be passed on to him, or her, because this is a company that goes beyond what is expected of them. He said that he would do that, and thanked me very much.

Amazon price was high, and delivery between 9th and 17th of April. Walmart for the same television was the price she had quoted me, and delivery either the 8th or 9th. Of course I went with them.

I tried to cancel today’s appointment, and the automated lady wouldn’t let me the first time, so clicking numbers, saying words, and in the end she said ‘Goodbye’. I waited another couple of hours, and this time after doing a 3rd reboot, I finally was able to cancel so I didn’t have to rush this morning.

They don’t offer the exact warranty anymore, but this is the same company that I would highly recommend to anyone.

Amazon.com: Allstate B2B 3-Year Portable Electronics Accidental Protection Plan ($350-399.99): Car Electronics


  1. Glad you got a new television. Fate is very fickle to load more stress on us when we think we already have enough, thank you very f’ing much.


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