I have been invited to have Easter dinner with my best friend, and family.

I have already Facetimed my daughter, and Len’s daughter, which was great. The Premier League football is on in the bedroom, waiting on the new television in the lounge, so I listen in the other rooms, and when I hear shouting I go in, and check it out. I also see the highlights at the end of the matches.

It was a good result for Southampton beating Burnley 3 – 2. Tottenham were so hit and miss today, and a surprising final score of 2 – 2 against 17th place Newcastle. It is now the 3rd match of the day, and the second half of the Aston Villa – Fulham match. It is 0 – 0, and I am so hoping that Fulham can win, and get out of the relegation zone. I know Sheree will disagree with me, on that one. One of us will be delighted today. Fulham scored and they are 1 – 0 up in the 77th minute. Finally score Aston Villa 3 – Fulham 1. Congratulations Sheree.

I have Plant City strawberries, and a bottle of Asti Spumante to take down to my friends house. She can’t use her kitchen, because there is water damage, so I offered mine. The decision was for her hubby to pick up food from Sonny’s BBQ.

Will write more later today.


  1. Enjoy your dinner! I have enjoyed a sporting fest today with the Tour of Flanders (cycling), MotoGP from Doha with a French 1-2 in the blue-riband event and then both Nice and Villa winning their matches. It doesn’t get much better than this!

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  2. I had to work both nights. I took it easy till the grandchildren showed up. Almost seventy degree and I took them to the park. They played in the sun for four hours. Hello dear Susie from Michigan.


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