I slept all night.

I make sure I am really tired, so it’s around midnight when I come to bed.

I talk to Len, because his spirit is still with me. Instead of having my eyes closed, and saying my 3 prayers quietly, I have them open, and speak out loud. The first 2 are the same, the Lord’s prayer, and the 23rd psalm.

My 3rd one is thanks for all the blessings I had with Len, and now that I know he is at peace. Also prayers for my loved ones, and for the ones that are sick.

I continue to pray until I fall asleep. I slept from around 12.30 am to 7.40 this morning.


  1. He certainly couldn’t have had a more dedicated caregiver! I’m sure he must have known that, too. I feel his love is still with you and he is at Peace knowing you are relieved that his suffering is over. You are a strong, valiant lady! God Bless your sweet HEART. ๐Ÿ’ž


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