Most relaxing Easter Sunday afternoon.

We sat under my friend’s pagoda and the temperature was the mid 70’s. Her husband picked up the food, so it was Asti, a selection of BBQ meats, beans, sweet potato, and muffins. There was also whole corn on the cob that would have been difficult to eat on my lap, so I passed on that.

Dessert was a very rich chocolate cake, and my strawberries went really well with it.

We had a good old English ‘chin wag’ (chat), one of her sons and his girlfriend ate with us, and her 92 year old Dad came out a little later to join us.

Since coming home I have been doing lots more sorting out, and got a lot of stuff in the garbage can, and black bags. I am getting rid of the things that a charity wouldn’t want. Then I will take a lot to Hospice thrift shop, as I would never have got through those last few days without them. There are a few items I might take to a consignment shop, or even a pawn shop, as they are worth quite a bit.

All hubby’s English stuff I will keep as I bought most of it when I used to go back to England.

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