Woke up to these beautiful photos of England.

My daughter has been texting, doing Facetime, and sending me photos. I got to Facetime with my youngest granddaughter in England for the first time. I am so pleased that I wanted an iPhone, even though I use my android for everything apart from making calls, Facetime, and text. I only did it a short while ago, so I was being told that I would need it. Wow, things fall into place, thank you Lord.

My daughter sent them to me, and the featured one is the correct way, but unfortunately this way was sideways. Still so beautiful.

Because of my granddaughter’s disabilities, we only spoke on the phone, and that was difficult for her. It was the best Easter Sunday present I could possibly have. She is such a beautiful 17 year old, and I miss her, and her older sister so much.

She knew about Len, and said that Grandma had to stay with him, but now Mummy says we will get to see Grandma again. I went every year for 24 years, until Len couldn’t travel, and I wouldn’t leave him.

I told her that if she wasn’t up to coming over later in the year with Mummy and the family, then I would get over to England to be with her. What a gorgeous smile she gave me. I couldn’t ask for more. So in times of sadness, new/old horizons open up, and I am truly blessed.


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