I have my new television up.

I have had an email confirming that I will be receiving a cheque, which will cover the television, and tax. That makes me very happy.

My friends, who I am always getting free, or discounted products for, came and took the old one down, and put the new one up. Because my previous one was a Roku television, and I have the same in the bedroom, it was so easy to bring up my paid programmes. Britbox, ESPN+, Amazon Prime, and Peacock.

Right now I am watching Eastenders, and I have some Coronation Street to catch up on.

Even though I could have the bed in a sitting position, I was happy listening to Pandora, rather than being stuck in the bedroom.


  1. I am glad you are not one of those people that pretends they don’t watch or have a TV and only sit at home painting, listening to classical music on the radio, and reading Steinbeck! TV is fun! I broke the addiction to Eastenders and Corrie years ago. I don’t really relate to them anyway, though I probably never did! I am just a cat anyway.

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