Exercise since Len passed.

I am eating good quality food, with great nutrition value, so taking care of that need. My sleep pattern is still up, and down. I have managed 8 hours 1 night, and 7 last night.

Hubby left me a week ago today. Up until Sunday morning my head was a total fog, and I kept bursting into tears.

Sunday was when I knew that he wasn’t in pain anymore, after half of his life with chronic illnesses. That is when I was calm, with inner peace.

Saturday I went into Zumba after it had started, and did about 25 minutes of it, as I will wasn’t in a good place. Sunday was my breakthrough day, and I had that lovely meal with my best friend, and family.

Monday, I did the 45 minute Body Pump at the local gym. Tuesday I did at 8.30 I do my 30 minutes boxing with my trainer, then went to the gym close by, and did Body Combat, which is boxing, and martial arts. Today I went to the first class that has more people in it, and ones that have known what I have been going through. Several came up to be, and offered love, and condolences. After class I stopped off at all the socializing tables, and some knew, but the majority didn’t. I got home around mid-day.

The featured photo was the last time he made it to the gym, just to sit, and be with friends.


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