Been trying to make an appointment to see someone at my bank.

My one is closed, the next nearest one is, and the list goes on. I have wasted so much time that now I will have to phone the 1-800 number, and probably have to mail in the necessary paperwork.

This morning was an hour and a half of the busy signal dor our government pensions in England. Another one for the mail.

So I haven’t achieved anything so far today. I am waiting on a 2.45 telephone appointment with the social security office, which is running late. Hopefully soon.


  1. Wishing you good luck sifting through all the red tape, Susie! Unlike most of us, you seem to be well equipped in those good qualities that helps one to persevere! As always, sending the Sweetest of Blessings and very much Love your way. 💞

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  2. They tell is that the electronic world is for convenience, they just don’t tell us that it is for their convenience. Nothing worse than being left on Ignore as they play you the same old elevator music and inject adverts into your brain. Good luck getting everything sported Susie. We are doing something similar for Pat’s 90 year old father who does not understand that a massive heart attack means slow down and he is 850 miles away. Stay well. Allan

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