First time at Zim Zari restaurant.

Len’s daughter and her husband are here from Arizona. They are staying with her aunt that only lives about 5 miles from me. I got to see them late morning for a couple of hours, then back here to do paperwork, and then once Social Security called me, and let me know what still had to be done, we met at Zim Zari.

This restaurant is known for it’s Taco’s but I am not a lover of them. Even though I had chicken fajitas on Wednesday with my friend, I opted for the shrimp ones. The flavor was wonderful, and large sized plates. Only one on our table had tacos, and I thought how small they were for the money. He did finish off his wife’s chicken, so was full.

My son-in-law, and I picked up a free coffee in Panera Bread, as he got 3 months for free, after me letting them know of the offer. That one is close to where they are staying, so they will be going back tomorrow morning for his free coffee, and also a free pastry. Such a great deal.

It was so good seeing them, and knowing that they will be around for the next few days. We plan on getting together each day.

Home – Zim Zari California Coastal Grill

Now back to trying to contact all the pensions, banks, government, etc. I never realized how impossible it is with no one working in offices/businesses, and many working from home. I do believe it could take me a month to get the approximately 20 notifications/death/marriage certificates out. I had to send my original marriage certificate to social security, and it’s ready to go certified mail tomorrow, so it will be signed for. Then I will have to wait for it to come back to have to send it to England for the ‘old age pension’ there. After a year you would think that government workers would be in the office, and not working from home, but that’s just not the case.


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