Fantastic food at IHOP, but the service……

Len’s daughter, and her husband came over around 12.15, after I had been to my Zumba class, and grabbed a quick coffee to go.

She was impressed how I had cleaned up the living area, kitchen, and the bathrooms. I did say that you don’t want to see the 2nd bedroom/office. Everything is in there. I did show her, and she agreed that it could be 6 months to a year to get through it all.

Her home is always immaculate, and I had done the best I could, but over time Len had so many falls, so bloody carpet, and the dropping of his lemonade, at least 4 times, in the same amount of days. Food spills, I recall spaghetti, and meatballs one time, that it made me very happy that she appreciated the work I had put into it. I still plan on replacing everything apart from the expensive electric recliner, and the adjustable bed, with massager in it.

Colin helped with a DIY project that I was having trouble with, so I suggested IHOP as it was nearing 2 p.m. I will leave you there, as I had so much else to write, and you will hear about the IHOP experience later in the day.

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