Have you ever had a server say ‘patience’, and walk past your table?

That’s what happened to us in IHOP today.

I told Len’s daughter, and her husband, what a great deal they have from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. We arrived a little after 2, and waited to get seated even though the restaurant was almost empty.

We were seated, and given one of the regular menus. Our server came to the table, and I asked for the other menu. She came back with 2 more regular menus. When I said the $5 menu, she told us that we would have to check the menu on our phones.

Luckily I always have the amazing ham, and cheese omelet that has the great creamy sauce over it. Loosey had 2 eggs, bacon, hash browns, and wheat toast. Colin ordered chicken, and pancakes, for the dipping sauce, honey mustard. I had order decaf coffee, and was told that a fresh pot was on. I said that’s fine. Having owned a family restaurant, I know it takes around 5 minutes to brew.

15 minutes later we see our server, she looks at me, goes back and brings out a mug of coffee.

As we each had 2 plates, 2 servers came out with the food. All looked great, but we realized that there was no honey mustard for the chicken. We waited so long that both Loosey, and I wanted to get up, and find our server. She finally came out with her hands full, and started to walk past our table. Loosey started to say about the sauce, and the server looked straight at us and said ‘Patience’. If I still had my restaurant, I would have fired her instantly. She came back with the honey mustard, and Colin only had 3 pieces of chicken left.

The food was superb, and when she walked past again, I asked for a small box for my pancakes, and the check. Loosey told her what a great cook they have, all the food was wonderful.

The cook came out to the table and was chuffed that we loved the food. I told him that hubby and I would come every couple of weeks for his ham and cheese omelet, and that it had been Len’s favorite place to go, because of the food.

When it came to leaving a tip, we discussed what I should leave. For the server zero, but 20% for the food. The check was $17, and I did leave a $3 tip, and wrote on it for excellent food.


  1. I’ve noticed since the pandemic that service has gotten worse. You eat out a lot more than I do though. So you’d know better. But it seems so to me.

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  2. You make me think I might be easy with time at a local restaurant. We waited, waited, and waited. The men-including the husband tipped well as did our friend. Me, I complained but understand she was the only one on duty and it was a local place but I need to say something. Maybe she was the one who needed patience and was saying more to herself as it was a rough day for her.

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  3. I took Len out once or twice a week, as that was all he could do, but yes on Wednesday my girlfriend and I went to Ruby Tuesday and it was to go only as they had staffing problems. With the extra $300 government unemployment as well as unemployment benefits, they are getting more money staying home.


  4. You Handled That
    Well Nothing
    More Than
    How We Treat
    Others Who Serve
    Us Less Blessed With Soul

    Yet It’s

    THere Is A Place
    For Tough Love
    Too If Wait Staff

    Told Me

    Next In ‘Store’
    Would Be Their
    Patience Until
    They Earned


    Tip Hehe
    With A Learning
    Opportunity Story

    From Me

    Nope i Don’t
    Call Managers
    i’ll Teach

    A Very



    Lesson For

    me Hehe Yep

    i’ll Leave A Tip

    A Story




    Help Then Come Rich🌈

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  5. We’re moving next week much closer to an old iHop we used to go to; looking fwd to both the senior and kids’ menus as sometimes we’ll probably have the 8 yr old grandchild w/us 😊 and gee gosh I hope our service is better than ya’ll’s was, but, the food just as darn good, lol!


  6. Glad the food was better than the service. I’ve never returned to a restaurant for service that wasn’t as bad as that. Good think you were better than many customers who would have left the table a deliberate mess.

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  7. I had a work-study scholarship in college. I was a waitress in the dining hall for two years. I also had friend who lived on a beef farm where we would feed the cattle, if I visited on the weekend. The cows were always better mannered than the girls in the dining hall (it was an all girls college at that time.)


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