This post is from 2016. I always took care of Len’s health

I prefer to call them disagreements rather than arguments.

I think in every relationship there are bumpy times, when you both has opposite opinions on a subject. Minor ones, I can let go over my head, but when it comes down to something important to do with my husband’s health, then I will not let them go.

One of those was earlier this year, when my husband’s sugar was so low I couldn’t get a reading. I used a hypoglycemic emergency kit to get it up to 29, and got him to the hospital, where they couldn’t get a reading. They hooked him up to an I.V. and got it up to 200. Job done.

Then they did tests to make the hospital money, and wouldn’t let him eat, even though he was hungry. They never came back and checked the I.V. or did another reading on him. 2 and a half hours later he was told that he could go home, if his sugar was good.

They couldn’t find the meter to check it. It had dropped to 40. They said that he had to stay in. This is when I disagreed with them. I told them if they had checked his sugar on a regular basis, or allowed him food, he would be going home.

They kept him in hospital 3 days, even though we didn’t agree. He was given an I.V. and full meals, so his sugar went sky high. I demanded to see the hospital doctor, and informed her that he was coming off the I.V. She didn’t want to do it, but when I showed her his perfect readings, when I take care of him, she agreed.

Months of recorded statements from me, and I won my class, and he got refunded the co-pays for the hospital stay. I was happy to pay the E.R. one, because that was needed, but when I disagree, and know I am right, I will never give up.



  1. Sometimes I think we know more than the ER doctors. Nicholas has a few low lows, only one ER visit in 20 years. But the Endos taught us from the beginning that with the super lows the body calls on “emergency supplies” of glycogen in liver (concerts to glucose) to bring the blood sugar back up. So afterwards the body “rebuilds” supplies and that’s why diabetics are craving real food. If they have a good caretaker (you or me!) no need to stay in ER as long as we monitored them. Yes, you did take wonderful care of Len. Now make sure you take care of yourself (mentally and physically).

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  2. He put my left shoulder out with all the lifting, also pain in left hip for years. Swollen right knee. Had surgery on both feet in England, and having the same problem for the past 10 years or more. Probably will leave it for a few months, so much paperwork and clearing out. Then blitzing the house 🤗


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