No time to feel lonely.

Today it was the gym, Panera Bread for coffee. Home for warm sausage rolls, that Len’s ex sister in law had given me, over to her house where his daughter, and her husband are staying. When Len’s daughter’s, aunt’s daughter came, that would be a cousin to Len daughter, we headed to Chilis.

I have the last of the fajitas from eating with Brenda. Half of the fajitas from last night, and Chilis were out of ribs, so it was fajitas again tonight. We also had 3 appetizers for the 5 of us, our entrees, and we had ordered 2 of the 2 can dine for $25. Cheesecake comes with it, but we upgraded to 2 of the Molten Laver chocolate desserts.

There was so much left, that both Kathleen, the aunt, and I had 2 boxes to bring home. I have frozen these fajitas as we are eating out every day, Tomorrow I will be driving Len’s daughter Loosey around, and we will stop at the river, parks, restaurants, and anywhere we fancy.

I didn’t get home until late, so put the garbage out, and settled down watching the Arsenal match. On purpose I didn’t start it, or check the score, so that I could enjoy the match once home. Arsenal are 3 – 0 up against bottom of the division Sheffield United, with only minutes on the clock.


  1. They leave on Thursday, and will eat with them again tomorrow. The following day I have my financial guy again. Friday boxing, and going to friends I haven’t seen since Covid for lunch 😊❤️

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  2. It is so hard to lose people we love. I lost my father in January. Dear Susie. I still wish to call him and talk daily. I hope we can find the people we loved one day when we are done. Take time to gather our minds. You are keeping busy. This is needed.

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