Checking out the surrounding area day. Part 2.

Loosey suggested we go to the obsolete mall area so I could get my free Panara Bread coffee. I said it’s 11.30 now, so we ought to eat something, because it’s IHOP again, after 2 p.m. We split a large croissant between us, and it gave me enough energy for heading forward again.

I hate Walmart, but Loosey loves it, so she had to see the one closer to me. She picked up the few items she needed, and next was going to be the River Walk. She has seen all my photos over the years of these places, and wanted to physically see them. The drive down there is so pretty, with the water to our right.

We pulled up in the middle parking area, and walked to the southern end. We then walked pass the car, and up to the northern point. As we were getting closer to the car, a lady shouted a manatee. Loosey hasn’t seen them in their own habitat, so we were hoping it would come up again. Unfortunately it didn’t surface again.

We drove down the road a little further to Sims Park. Loosey saw the ramp, docking area, the new shelters in front, and to the sides of the bandstand, kiddy park, and then we crossed the road to Orange Lake. There is usually a really high fountain in the middle, but sadly it wasn’t working. We did use the walkways that go across the lake, which is a really neat feature. The little Museum/Library was closed, but looks so cute. I have been in there several times.

Final part of the day to come.


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