This wicked step Mum had a fantastic day with ‘the daughter’

The plan was for me to go over to where Loosey and Colin were staying at 10 a.m. Then drive them up to a garage, as the aunt’s car needed to be fixed.

I woke up at 8, and got up a few minutes later. I checked my phone, and there was a message ‘Would it be possible to come earlier 8.45 – 9’. I could have wrote back only if you want me, as I just got out of bed, and don’t wear anything, but didn’t. I said give me time to shower, and dress and I will do my best for 9.

The reply was, if the car garage is closer to you, we can meet you there. Phew, yes it is, I figured by the time they got there, it would be 9.15. I said, sure I can do that.

So shower, teeth, hair, moisturize my face, a little eye shadow, coffee while getting dressed, and cereal while grabbing all I needed. Made it there at 9.20 a.m. They said Perfect timing. Then I drove them to the Aunt’s house, and dropped of Kathleen, and Colin.

From here we went to The Preserves, that Loosey has seen so many photos off. We did the circuit once, which was a mile, and enjoyed the cool of the morning, the water, trees, and creatures around us. From there we came back to my home, ready for the second part of our ‘Checking out the surrounding area day’.


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