Checking out the surrounding area day. Part 3.

I just ran out of time to write the final part of our day, yesterday.

The time was around 2.10 so we went to Loosey’s favorite place, IHOP.

We got the same lady, and we both thought, Oh NO.

Either the Manager, or Head Office had seen my blog post, as I had shared in on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. She welcomed us, and offered us a booth close to the front. She put down a menu, and I said that we didn’t need it. She said that they didn’t have the IHOPPY HOUR menu, and I said that I always have the same. Loosey said that she would check it out on her phone.

She only wanted pancakes, so ordered the same as me, ham and cheese omelette that comes with 3 pancakes. I told her, you have 6 pancakes because I struggle to eat the omelette. While Loosey was deciding, our server came over for drinks, and I said, ‘If you wouldn’t mind starting a pot of decaf. Thank you. She said certainly, and about 4 minutes later Loosey had her water, and I had a fresh mug of coffee.

Our breakfasts/lunch came out a few minutes later, and it was the same cook that we praised a few days ago. The pancakes, and omelettes were larger than usual. Loosey managed 4 pancakes, and I almost finished 1 omelette.

When my refill of coffee came, I asked for a box, and the check. Our server asked if we were taking both items, and I said Yes. She said that she would bring a box, and 2 lids, as the bottom is for the main food, then an upside down lid, pancakes in the circle area, and then seal the other lid on the top. How neat is that. She really impressed us this time. From lousy service to superb service. I will now go back often with my friends.

We then went to the DMV, and had to wait 10 minutes to get a number, and probably an hour or more to have it called. The Social Security office had notified them of Len’s death, but she took my driver’s license, an original death certificate. Len’s license, the Title to the vehicle, and the Disabled hangers. 5 minutes later she came back, gave me back my license, and said that everything was completed. Happy I have one less to do now.

I then drove back over to Loosey’s Aunt’s house, picked her up, and drove her to collect her vehicle that had been repaired. Unfortunately there was an accident on Little Road, so we were stop, start for half an hour. I got home around 4.30, and had left the house before 9 a.m. That’s what I call a busy, but enjoyable day. With me being quite a bit younger than Len, it was almost like going out with a sister. Very nice.

Fantastic food at IHOP, but the service…… – susiesopinions

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