So much food these past few days.

So today I did my Core/CxWORKx class, and it felt really great. I stopped off at Panera Bread for coffee, and took one down to my friend Donna, who is in a hotel until they can get back in their house tomorrow.

We sat outside and chatted for quite awhile, it was very relaxing. I then came home, and made myself a protein shake. Obviously protein powder, collagen powder, fat free milk, bananas, strawberries, almonds, and pistachio nuts. Boy, did it taste good, and it was healthy, after all the naughty food I have been eating.

I got to contact my bank in England, and will be composing a letter, and sending them all the information, and copies that they need. I gave up trying to get an appointment with my bank. I finally found a bereavement number, where I got to talk to a person, I will get a phone call in the next 48 hours, to arrange an appointment, to get into my safety deposit box. That is the only reason for someone to come into the bank. I will present whoever it is with a death certificate, and hopefully get the ball rolling.

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