Everything caught up with me this morning.

Last night I was typing up letters to go with the death certificates, and probably didn’t wind down. I woke up at 5 a.m., struggled to get back off to sleep, and got up at 7.

I have that fog back in my head, like I did after Len passed, and an upset stomach. So I have put all the paperwork to the side, and focusing on me today. I know it’s early days, just 2 weeks, but I need to put the paperwork in the office, instead of having it all around me. I look at it, and feel I need to get it all done. 24 on my list, and 8 have been completed by end.

So I am going down to the gym shortly, then spending this afternoon, and early evening with Loosey, Colin, and Kathleen. Tomorrow they fly to Colorado, and after that to Ohio, to visit their children, and grandchildren.


  1. Dear, Sweet Susie, you’re doing a fine job! You have proven to have great judgement. Keep trusting your HEART. Go like she says to go, do like she says to do and you’ll never go wrong. I continue to hold you in my HEART, wishing you well. 💞

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  2. It’s not easy, each day for awhile will be different. You’re doing good, there is no end date just because there is no end date to your love to and for Len

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  3. Going to the gym is the best idea, dear Susie. It will definitely make you feel better, and then you could tackle paperwork with a fresh head. Hang in there, darling!
    Sending blessings your way…

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  4. I just listened to an audio book and although it wasn’t talking specifically about your situation, she always recommends me time. Yes, set a goal to get through a couple letters/paperwork every day, but then take of yourself – physically, mentally, and otherwise.

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