Really good meal at Thai Samurai

We had a meal at Thai Samurai late afternoon/early evening, and each ordered a different meal. This way we were able to taste a variety of Thai dishes. I had a medium curry, usually it would be hot, but decided with me not being 100% to go with a less potent one. It was delicious.

I had some baby corn, and mushrooms from other plates. All of it was excellent. Only Colin finished his, so Kathleen took some of hers, and Loosey’s home, and I filled my to go box with enough for another meal tomorrow. It’s been wonderful with Len family being here for a week, and only a few miles from me.

We got our girl’s day, and so much food, at lots of different restaurants. I will miss them when they fly out of Tampa tomorrow morning, but glad that they can visit their children, as they are fully vaccinated.

So it will be back to a normal diet, once I have finished all the restaurant food in the fridge, and freezer.

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