“Twins” at the gym.

It was Body Pump this morning with Paola. The class was almost full, and it was good that I went. My head, and eyes hurt, and my stomach was churning, but I thought being with friends would help. It did.

My friend Donna, I call her gym Donna, as my English best friend is Donna too, wore a top the same fabric, and similar color, so we had to pose for photos.

I went with lighter plates when lifting, but still managed the 10 lb. plate to do ‘Clean and Press’. I even managed one at the end with only a 5 lb. plate, so got to the end with squats, lunges combination. I think I did pretty good, as some people that had more weight, had to drop theirs to finish.

Another lovely lady in the class, asked for my telephone number, as she has a really nice inspirational book that she wants to give me. She said that she has 2 copies.

Yes, it does help to workout, and be with friends. Many have gone through what I am experiencing, and you never know when you will get a down day/days, but it’s all part of grieving.


  1. Great photo of your matching tops and what a great way to get through the days with friends. You are so strong and inspirational with all your exercising that you do!! šŸ’•


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