A massage really helps.

I had asked my friend Dawn, the owner of Skin Care by Dawn, if she would do a massage for me. I had had one from her before, and she is quiet spoken, and it’s so relaxing to have her do it.

We talked probably for the first half hour, as I loose all track of time nowadays, including what day it is, and the date. Everything rolls into one.

She worked on my left shoulder that I have had pain in, after Len had pulled on the one arm, when he went down on the floor. The pain at the time was so bad. You will be thinking how is she managing doing her boxing, and martial arts?

It’s because I am only lifting light weights, and go very light on the left one. In Combat, there is no contact, so again I go really easy on the left side.

Dawn told me that there is damage, which I already knew, and I have an appointment for blood work, and to see my doctor at the beginning of May. I need to get all my prevenative, and wellness appointments set up too.

It’s time to take care of me now.

(20+) Skin Care By Dawn | Facebook


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