With Prince Philip’s death, tomorrow I will cry with the Queen.

The Queen cannot cry at the funeral, because she is the Queen, but I will be crying for her. I will watch the funeral on my own, with Len’s urn in front of me. I know what this beautiful lady is going through, as we both have lost the ones we love. We have both been married for a long time.

My heart is with her, and I feel her pain, as we all do with a recent death of a spouse.

God Save the Queen in her hour of need, and know that this British subject wishes shee could take some of our burden for me.

Image by Chris Hudson from Pixabay



  1. You are right the Queen will not cry. She is British and displays of emotion are not encouraged. My father was British and if I cried I had to leave the room . Also she will not want anyone to worry about her. Your words are lovely Susie. Bless you!💕 and God Save the Queen.

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