Another good friend of mine asked if I wanted to run an errand with her, and go to lunch.

After Prince Philips funeral, my daughter and I did Facetime. It is always great to see her, and I am amazed that I picked the right time to buy an iPhone, even though my Samsung isn’t old. My youngest granddaughter put her head around the phone, and wanted to say Hello, and give me the biggest grin, before going back into the garden.

As soon as we had finished I sent a text to my friend, to say you can come and pick me up anytime.

She was pleased that she had company as she hadn’t been to this place before. She got everything sorted out, and then it was time to decided where to have lunch. With Len’s daughter staying locally, and then eating at my friend’s house yesterday, I suggested a salad at Wendy’s.

The salads run around $7, but as you can see I have another meal for tomorrow. Being seniors we got free drinks, with a refill, and I had 2 of their tags for my keychain. I bought them at the end of last year, 1 for Len, and 1 for me. He only got to use his once. So we also got a free mini ‘Frosty’ each.

Brenda thought it was great that we both got 2 free items. She took home, half her salad, the nachos, and a container of chili, as well as a drink.

I always know the best deals around, and we are planning Ruby Tuesday on Wednesday if they have enough staff. Last time we got turned away, so will phone before we leave.


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