One more bites the dust.

I had an appointment, at my location of Bank of America this morning, to take an item out of the safety deposit box. This was a big achievement, as I have already written a post on how I couldn’t get an appointment at the 11 locations I had tried in west Pasco County. The only one available was in Pinellas county. Also their phone appointments were fully booked until the end of the month, and there wasn’t a May calendar.

Yes, I got the item I needed, and also got to sit with the Manager of a branch that is closed. I explained all of the above. I had a copy of our accounts with all relevant information, a death certificate, a letter with my details on it, and asked if he could make at least one of the businesses I had to contact possible. After awhile we got it sorted out, and I left with a feeling of relief, as 1 less on my sheet of contacts that I need to correspond with.

Image by Qube’s Pictures from Pixabay



  1. It is really bothersome that businesses make things so difficult for you. I’m glad he was able to help you, but it should not be this difficult. You are doing great, Susie.

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  2. All of these roadblocks are due to privacy laws and FOIP rules. Each business needs to be sure who they are dealing with and that that person has the authority to deal with things. Remember the good old days of handshake deals and my word is my bond. Glad things are working out Susie. Allan

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