Zumba, core, and more Zumba, today

Today has been a better day. After the bank I caught the last 15/20 minutes of Zumba, which I enjoyed. Some of my friends have returned to the class since my last time there, which was nice. Afterwards I decided to do some core. I got a resistance band, as well as 5, and 10 lb. plates. I remember a lot of the class, so do several of the combinations. It felt good.

This afternoon I have been doing more sorting out, and extra loads of laundry.

I checked to see what classes were at the closest gym tonight, and 4 of my favorite instructors were there. One instructing, and the other 3 having fun with us. I was right behind Paola, who was this mornings instructor. It’s lovely that they join in with each others classes.

The cooldown music was ‘It’s ok not to be ok by Marshmello and Demi Lovato. How appropriate for me. I think that will be my song from now on.

So I have over 10,000 steps on my phone for the Zumba portions, and an hour or so of the resistance bands, and plates.

Now it’s time to put my feet up, and watch my English soaps.


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