Angels are about

An hour or so ago, I went into the second bedroom/office to find Len’s cellphone. I had found enough courage to switch it on, and go to his Facebook page. It wasn’t on his desk, and I felt sure that is where I would have put it, when he stopped eating, and drinking.

I took everything off the desk, with no joy, and then went through every box of his stuff from the living area, that I put there. There were 4 coffee tables of stuff, the floor around his recliner, and also around his side of the loveseat recliner. There were 5 or 6 boxes, and I went through every one of them. No joy.

I then came out into the living area, and apart from his urn, cards, flowers, landline, torch, and sanitizer, nothing else. I am now feeling the anxiety rising in me.

When I had spent 4 hours looking for his wallet, I went to bed, and talked to Len, and the Lord. I went through the last time I remembered seeing it, and found it in the leather pouch with all the things I took to the Cremation and Funeral home.

So I came out, looked up, and asked Len for his help. I looked again around the living room, and my eyes went over to the bookcase. I bent down, and it was on top of some of the books, with it’s charger. I have always been a believer, but my love of Len, and the Lord, is growing stronger every day.


  1. We only went to church on visits to the beach. We loved the lady minister there. She always hugged us. With Covid I haven’t set foot in a church, but I believe the Lord is always with us.
    On the day of Len’s death the Hospice Champlin came, and he asked what I wanted him to pray for. I answered that I wanted the Lord to take him as soon as possible. He was dying. Within 2 hours he was gone 😇🙏💔

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