The WIFI Internet is down.

I came up from the beach, only to find that neither of my phones could get online, at the timeshare. Our desk clerk has been waiting to talk to Spectrum for over an hour, and she leaves in 20 minutes.

I only pay for a limited amount of data on my Spectrum iPhone, so if I go over I will be contacting them, and seeing what they can come up with.

If we don’t get it back, you may not see me on WordPress again today. It’s a shame as it is relaxing for me, to read, and write.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay


  1. As I am on the board of directors, I stayed on property from 5 p.m. onwards in the hopes that we would get a phone call, but we didn’t. It’s now 8.20 p.m., and using my phone time.

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