This is the mail I came home to.

I knew that there would be lots of mail waiting for me, and hoping some would be replies to letters in regards to my husband’s death. The first one I opened was his Royal Air Force pension, and it stated that they were unable to stop a payment, and will be contacting the bank with regard to the payment. Although he was in the R.A.F. for 22 years, it was before we were married.

The paperwork states: ‘If you were married after your spouse left the service there is no entitlement to widow’s benefits’. So the 16 page form that they want me to fill out, and send back is not necessary. I have always known this to be the case.

The good news is that I have already received a cheque from one of my investments. 2 of them would only send a yearly cheque, but the others will auto credit my bank account monthly. So pretty much what I was expecting.



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