Back to the paperwork.

After having such a lovely week at the beach last week, it was time to get back the last of the paperwork connected to Len’s death. The only thing was, I had a week’s worth of correspondence, and more to do. Luckily these will be pretty straight forward.

I had to take one lot of papers to my Financial Advisor’s office, and had a couple more forms to sign. Then at 2 p.m. I started, and got another one off to England, and put it in the mailbox.

I went online, and had a chat with an automated answer, with regards to Len’s resident alien *green card*. I got so many stupid questions, and answers that were totally what I didn’t need. Finally I got on the wait for an online chat with a representative. I was on for around 30 minutes, so know exactly what I need to send, and the address were it is to go. Now isn’t that a simple request? I thought it was.

I now have a pile of completed, a pile where everything has been sent, and am waiting on a reply, a smaller pile of what to do when my daughter comes over, and when I go to England, and my list with what stage everyone is in. I finished at 7 p.m., so another 5 hours less to do.

I am on the recliner, with my feet up, and will have dessert, and a mug of milky decaffeinated coffee.


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