Manchester City beat PSG 2 – 0 today, and 4 – 1 on aggregate.

I missed the first half as I was having my massage, which was amazing. I got back just as the second half was starting. I couldn’t believe the piled up snow around the ground, and the sleet, and rain that was falling. This must have been the most miserable way to play football.

There were lots of tussles going on, mostly on PSG’s part, and Di Maria got a red card in the 69th minute, and Verratti a yellow in the 71st minute. Unfortunately some of the City players wouldn’t let this go, and yellow cards were dished out for Zinchenko, and DeBruyne in the 72, and 74th minutes. Then in the final minutes Kimpembe, and Danilo both got yellow cards for PSG.

PSG had more possession, Manchester City more fouls, and lots of shots on goal.

I know the stakes were high, but football seems to be getting dirtier, than normal. Hope this trend doesn’t continue.


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