Am Vets collected most of Len’s clothing today.

I try and do a little sorting out every day, as it isn’t the easiest of things to do. Old items went into the bin, and nicer ones to the Am Vets. I have always supported them, as they pick up on a regular basis. That is so much easier than having to drop boxes off.

The new items, I haven’t decided what to do with them yet. If I find a friend that is a similar build to Len, I will see if they might like them, but I don’t want to offend anyone.

It’s like a snail, how little I do at a time, but as least I cleared out one complete rail in the closet for today’s pick up.


  1. It’s a delicate matter, Susie, needing a delicate handle.
    Some years past, when a dear friend’s wife passed, he offered me many of her favourite pieces of clothing. I had to respectfully and with great tact decline his kind offer. It didn’t seem right to me. I couldn’t wear her clothes; it seemed somehow disrespectful. To wear her clothes in his company was something I could never do.
    However, giving them to strangers who may be in need and very happy to receive them seems such a sensible solution. To know that some will benefit by this giving holds your hubby’s memory high.
    All the best with this task. I can imagine how very hard it must be.

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