Mother’s day.

I add a couple of tears on Monday when a particular song was played at Zumba, and then again yesterday, when someone said ‘Have a lovely Mother’s day’

First off it is March in England so I already have a card from my daughter. It is with all Len’s bereavement cards. I was thinking that I never get to spend it with my daughter, and now I don’t even have Len to take my mind off of it.

I was telling my BFF on the phone yesterday, and she said that she doesn’t know if they will be cooking, or getting take out, but I am invited. I can’t tell you what that means to me.

I have gone through Easter, and now Mother’s day. I will see what Father’s day brings next month, as Len would receive a Marine’s tee shirt from his daughter every year.


  1. I believe that is a good place to be. 😊 as will I spend it taking my walks and enjoying the river view. My situation is different. I’m in a middle of a separation. My daughter is working but we spent the day on Fri. And my son is in Texas serving. . So. No better place to be then taking care of myself as well as you taking care of you. Hugs ❤️

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