I watched 3 and a half Premier League footballs matches today, as well as…..

My dance class this morning, and shortly I am going to tackle my flowers in the front garden. I haven’t thinned them out since Len’s passing, and I would do it every 2 – 4 weeks. It’s a little cooler today, so I will be able to stay out longer.

I also picked up milk, bananas, and a bottle of Asti spumante to take to my girlfriends house tomorrow. I haven’t had to do any real food shopping, as I had done a huge one just before he passed. I got all the hurricane supplies for 2, including so much sugar free, or no sugar added, which I passed onto my friend Brenda.

I sorted out another 2 big boxes of both mine, and Len’s clothing for Am Vets. So it might sound like a lazy day, watching football, but I was listening to it while doing this.

I was really happy that both Crystal Palace, and Chelsea won their matches against Sheffield United, and Manchester City. However, disappointed that Spurs, and Southampton lost to Leeds, and Liverpool.


  1. I hope that you had fun dancing and gardening today! I am thinking of you. I was slacking on the gardening for a few months, but have started picking it up again. I discovered weed cloth and have been covering it with the quail manure. In the end, it almost resembles beauty bark 🙂 and the flowers love it so everyone wins.

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