Today’s Mother’s Day dinner.

My girlfriend has a Veteran’s Foster home in her house, so we had arranged a time for me to go down. She called me, and asked if we could make it a little later, as she was still tending to her lady. I said whenever it’s convenient, just call me when you want me to come. I quickly fixed myself a snack to tide me over.

It ended up being my girlfriend, and myself eating, and drinking together. Her husband was in another room, and her 2 people in theirs.

She got it from Bob Evans, so we had salad with a roll, turkey, stuffing, mashed potato, corn, cranberry, and gravy, followed by a slice of cheesecake. The cheesecake was from Publix, and the brand was the Cheesecake factory. We both found it extremely sweet, and it had cheesecake on the top, and cake on the bottom. Not what either of us expected.

We got 2 glasses each of the Asti Spumante I took down, and were pleasantly full. Now I am home, and want to throw some more stuff out, as it’s dustbin/garbage day tomorrow.

As someone said to me, ‘I am making new memories’.



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