Our trip to St. Petersburg pier.

We left at 10 a.m., and arrived at 11.15. We were only on the Pier for around an hour. There was no shade unless you went in the tiny gift shop or the restaurants. The old pier had loads of International shops, a food court, and so much more. We left the car at the pier parking, and had walked to it, and back.

We then walked down where the restaurants were, and came back to the one we ate in. I enjoyed a fresh croissant with ham and Swiss cheese, while Donna had one with egg, bacon, and cheese. We both enjoyed mimosas with it. Next we walked along Central, and hardly anything was open. We left around 2, and stopped off at a FF restaurant to use the toilet, and got a soft swirl ice cream. Donna dropped me back around 4.

Then I did Zumba tonight.

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  1. We did. 5 years ago we used to drive to Treasure Island beach, walk the beach for an hour, have lunch, and drive home. We were gone around 5 hours. Then it was 2 hours, and that’s how it was up until the end of last year.

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