I had happy tears at 4 places today.

First off it was the doctor’s office, and I was fine with the receptionists. When I was called in for the blood draw, I told my lovely lady that Len had passed away. She hadn’t been told by the other members of staff. She said that she would have been calling him next. We talked about him, and the tears were coming down my face, while laying on the bed. When she had finished, I had to ask for a tissue/Kleenex, as the little bit of eye shadow I wear, was going into my eyes. She thought he was a gentleman, and that we were a special couple. I didn’t have anxiety or a panic attack, as my thoughts were of us going every 3 months together.

From here it was to Burger King, so that I could take my pills, and eat a breakfast croissant. The lady at the register was new to me, but then the Manager called out, ‘Hello’. I walked up to tell her, and she said that when she saw me on my own, she would have come over to talk to me. She again said, we always loved it when you both came in, how you took care of your husband, and how special you were. She said anything we can do for you, we are here.

Next it was up to the gym, and I did my Core/CxWORKx class. This is a really fast paced workout, and all I could be was breathe.

Nicely social distancing.

Then it was to the Honda Dealership I had gone last week to get my car washed, but they were having the parking lot resurfaced. The guy took my keys, and I told him I would be in the showroom. My salesman wasn’t there, but another guy nodded for me to come over. I told him that I had done all the paperwork at the DMV, but wanted Len’s name off of any correspondence that came to me, phone calls, emails, regular mail. He changed the information on the 3 screens. I then walked up to the Café, that has been closed for about a year. I told the lady that makes the sandwiches, about Len, and she was chatting to me while working. Then she asked me if I would like a chicken sandwich. I said that it would be so much better than eating on my own. A gentleman was at the other end of the bar, (only 3 stools) and he started talking too. The guy came back with my keys, and I tipped him, and also my lady who makes the sandwiches. Honda certainly make you feel part of their family. She said that he would me missed, and that they were there for me.

My final stop was Walgreens to pick up 2 prescriptions. The ladies that I have dealt with all came up to talk to me. They said that they were wondering how I was doing. I said that I was there at the weekend, but they weren’t working. We chatted for awhile, and I thanked them for the amazing card that they had all written in for me. I told them, that was a wonderful thing for them to do. They again told me that I lighted up there day, and inspired them looking after Len, and all of my workouts. They told me, that all of them are there for me, and just to let them know, if there is anything they can do.

I get so many comments here on WordPress saying what an inspiration I am to my followers, and it just overwhelms me to know that everywhere I go, others say it to. I am just me, a 73 year old, new widow, doing the only things I know how. I can’t give in, and have to live my life for Len, as well.


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