Our local Bank of America is open for business.

After having so much trouble trying to get to talk to anyone at Bank of America, and then going to the Bereavement phone number, to manage it, I was able to get to my safety deposit box. The Manager of another branch had met me there, but wasn’t able to do anything with the death certificate. He did say that my branch should be only within weeks. I got the email to let me know at the end of last week.

I had an appointment for mid-day today, and finally got my husband’s death certificate in their system. I also had questions about direct debits coming out of our account for accidental death/limbs/etc., with 2 companies. I had phoned the numbers, but neither were in use anymore. I did phone a similar name, but they were nothing to do with the insurance company. Over 30 years I knew that they would have been taken over, changed names, etc. So we have put a stop on both of them. Unfortunately this will be able for one transaction, but it may alert them to contact me. They are not expensive, but would mount up over years of doing nothing.

I was also able to go, and put important papers back into the safety deposit box. One more thing achieved.


  1. When Mom died, the insurance company that paid her small policy kept billing her account. My sister was on the account and I gave her the monthly statements. Once the bank sent one of those overdraft notices and I called my sister to have the bank stop paying them. I don’t think she ever got the money back in the account for the 6 months they kept taking premiums out of the account.

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