So much to get checked out next week.

I always have my blood work down at my doctor’s office a week before my appointment. I am making a list of all the things that I have ignored for the past year, or two. I have been packing up boxes for the Am Vets, throwing out lots of older stuff, and giving items to friends that I know will use them.

At the same time, I had let my front garden get overgrown, so been out one evening to cut back plants. Tonight I was cutting the huge leaves right at the ground, and my left hip gave out on me. I couldn’t go down, or get up. It just wouldn’t move for a couple of minutes. I gingerly started to stand up, still bending at the knees. It was hard to walk, but I am back in the house. I have been walking very slowly, and the pain is still there, but not as acute.

Tomorrow there will be no boxing, and I most likely won’t even go to the gym. I will rest it, and see how I feel. I knew that Len had done damage to my body, left shoulder, and hip, but didn’t realize that it would give out like that.

If necessary I will use one of the walking aides that I bought for Len. Better to be safe than sorry.



  1. “Better to be safe than sorry.”
    Yes, absolutely, Susie. We do tend to continue on regardless when we have to, or need to as you’ve been doing. Now might be the time for a little R&R.
    Be gentle with yourself…

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