Did another IHOP trip.

Len’s daughter had suggested that I might ask her Aunt, Len’s first wife’s sister, to go to IHOP with me. She doesn’t go out very much, and certainly wouldn’t eat out on her own. So I phoned her, and we arranged to meet up.

We both had the $5 ham and cheese omelette, with 3 pancakes. I had the 99 cent decaf coffee, and she had regular. We were chatting away, and ended up spending 2 hours over brunch. We both enjoyed each other’s company.

I texted Len’s daughter when I got back, and asked if she was going to tell her Mother. No way, she would have a fit. They were divorced 13 years before I met him, and she has had 4 husbands, so I don’t see why it would do a number on her. Her loss, and my gain, having her sister as a friend.


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